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Starting our digital marketing services

Blog posts to share our real time digital marketing experiences

By Kumar Govind

For a very long time we have been dabbling with the idea of starting our own digital marketing services company as we had the necessary experience and connects.

My friend and i were busy with our own lives and could not devote the necessary time and energy to start our own company and run it consistently. So after a lot of thought, we decided to start one and here we are, our first post regarding the same.

“Digital marketing has revolutionised the way we are perceiving the brand. The customers have become the direct stake holders of the brand and engagement process has also become direct”

In the upcoming blogs we are going to share our experiences in the form of case study to inform our readers as to how effectively we are using the digital media to promote our client’s brand. 

In this regard, we will be handling some exciting projects with different scope and objectives and try to fit the client’s vision and objective digitally.

Our scope of work  will include movie launches, education, primary health care, celebrity, real estate to name a few.

So looking forward to sharing our experiences and hearing back from all of you to learn more from your valuable feedback.

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